Sunday, March 13, 2011

Red Riding Hood Review


Valerie (Seyfried) is a beautiful young woman torn between two men. She is in love with a brooding outsider, Peter (Fernandez), but her parents have arranged for her to marry the wealthy Henry (Irons). Unwilling to lose each other, Valerie and Peter are planning to run away together when they learn that Valerie's older sister has been killed by the werewolf that prowls the dark forest surrounding their village. For years, the people have maintained an uneasy truce with the beast, offering the creature a monthly animal sacrifice. But under a blood red moon, the wolf has upped the stakes by taking a human life. Hungry for revenge, the people call on famed werewolf hunter, Father Solomon (Oldman), to help them kill the wolf. But Solomon's arrival brings unintended consequences as he warns that the wolf, who takes human form by day, could be any one of them. As the death toll rises with each moon... Written by Warner Bros. Pictures  

 Whos afriad of the big bad wolf? Ok so when i decided to go see this movie, I thought it was going to be an over the top sexy version of a classic tale.  Boy was a I wrong.  This movie did have its moments when the passionate love interfered with the story, but it wasn't chessy or trashy it was romantic and steamy so it was ok that it took away from the story for a moment or two because it seemed to draw you in to how much the two characters cared for each other.  Catherine Hardwicke the director of Twilight twisted this classic childerns tale into a movie perfect for teens and adults, while not wrecking it but modernizing it.  The acting is very good, I could not say any of them lost character at all.  Amanda Seyfried did an excellent job showing the passion she felt for her lover Peter played by Shiloh Fernandez when she was suppose to be engaged to one of the wealthy bachlors in the villiage Henry played by  Max Irons.  Gary Oldman by far was the best in the moive playing the very pyschoitic Father Solomon who is called to the town by the resident Father to slay the wolf.  Red Riding had me guessing who the wolf was to the very end, the director does a fantisict job in making it seem like everyone but who least expect and in the end is the most obvious.  Like in most of her movies Catherine does an amazing job with scerney and nature shots, fromt the moutains covered in a layers of snow, to the beautiful enchanted woods, and the fairytale like village. I would not skip this movie, it's worth the ticket money if your looking for drama and romance.   So I'll ask again who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

  Trailer for Red Riding Hood

Count Down to Chaos!!!

Quick question does anyone one read the Beautiful Creatures series?  Well I do and there pretty amazing!!! I love the Caster Chronicles.  The first two books Beautiful Creatures and Beatuiful Darkness are amazing, they are by  Kami Gracia and Margaret Stohl and follow the love story of Ethan Wate and Lena Duchannes.  These books are romantic and full of action and have eveyrthing a good story should have.  The characters are amazing and original and I do suggest the books to everyone.  The third book titled Beautiful Chaos is set for release on October 18 2011, and a movie for the first book which was optioned by Waren Brothers is in the works with the script is already written.  I'm really exicited for the book and I've already started to count down the days!!
   Here is a link to the offical book site
I will be updating this site with movie info for Beautiful Creatures as well so keep an eye open (:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ok so this is Camille's Place aka my place.  I love to read and watch movies so there is going to be a lot of book and movie reviews on here, I hope this blog will become awesome but for right now I'm just getting started so I'd figure I'll start my review on the Red Riding Hood movie, I should have it up in a couple days so if any one is following me then, it will be my first review.